South Haven Aqua Toys LLC

Hobie Mirage Eclipse                                      1 Hour                            260-418-9167                          $50.00 USD

                SPECIAL                                         1 Hour                            260-418-9167                          $37.50 USD

Hobie Mirage Eclipse                                      2 Hours                           260-418-9167                          $75.00 USD

                SPECIAL                                         2 Hours                           260-418-9167                          $52.50 USD

Hobie Mirage Eclipse                                      4 Hours                           260-418-9167                          $135.00 USD

                SPECIAL                                         4 Hours                           260-418-9167                          $94.50 USD

current limit is 3 at any given time and/or location until more boards arrive

Kayak                                                            2 Hours                           260-418-9167                         $25.00 USD

               SPECIAL                                          2 Hours                           260-418-9167                         $17.50 USD

Kayak                                                            4 Hours                           260-418-9167                         $30.00 USD

                SPECIAL                                         4 Hours                           260-418-9167                        $21.00 USD

Kayak                                                            Full Day                          260-418-9167                         $40.00 USD

                SPECIAL                                         Full Day                           260-418-9167                        $28.00 USD

current limit is 2 at any given time and/or location

3 Person Floating Island with inflatable climb-up & anchor 2 Hours                            260-418-9167                      $15.00 USD

                SPECIAL                                          2 Hours                            260-418-9167                      $11.25 USD


3 Person Floating Island with inflatable climb-up & anchor 4 Hours                            260-418-9167                      $20.00 USD

                 SPECIAL                                         4 Hours                            260-418-9167                     $15.00 USD

3 Person Floating Island with inflatable climb-up & anchor  Full Day                           260-418-9167                    $30.00 USD

                 SPECIAL                                          Full Day                           260-418-9167                    $22.50 USD

current limit is 1 at any given time and/or location

1 Person Wrapped Tube                                    2 Hours                            260-418-9167                    $12.00 USD

 great for lake, rivers, pulling with boats or kayaks
               SPECIAL                                            2 Hours                            260-418-9167                   $9.00 USD

1 Person Wrapped Tube                                    4 Hours                            260-418-9167                   $15.00 USD

 great for lake, rivers, pulling with boats or kayaks
                SPECIAL                                           4 Hours                            260-418-9167                   $11.25 USD

1 Person Wrapped Tube                                    Full Day                           260-418-9167                    $20.00 USD

 great for lake, rivers, pulling with boats or kayaks
                SPECIAL                                           Full Day                           260-418-9167                   $15.00 USD
current limit is 4 at any given time and/or location

How Our Rentals Work                 Rental Prices & Paypal Below 

​​1-260-418-9167 Call/Text          Text 1-269-808-6539 if 1st # busy

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Available Rentals         Time Frames     Availibility First!          Prices



Call or Text to Check

​​​Dates & Times of Operations

    Our actual rentals run daily 9 am-6:30 pm daily, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  We are open to rent for a few weekends in the fall too.
TEXT anytime day or night and we will respond quickly. Let us know if you need us to call, have certain equipment available, special time slots, we can make anything possible.

  • Our Daily Rental Locations are Determined by YOU! *WE ARE MOBILE WE BRING THE EQUIPMENT TO ANY LOCAL WATERWAYS

     It is a first come first serve basis.  We will usually use the public launch on Wells Street, North Beach, and South Beach in South Haven, Michigan. as our drop and pick-up site. We also deliver to locations like; Paw Paw, Saugatuck, or Holland Michigan, and once as far away as southern Alabama.  $25 RESERVATION DEPOSIT REQUIRED,                             , applies to rental and is refundable up to 36 hours before rental begins. WE ACCEPT VISA, MASTER CARD, PAYPAL, AND CASH. We are allowed to use any public launch, private with consent, or we can purchase a pass.

  • How do You Rent Equipment

    The quickest way to check for openings is totext, or call, South Haven Aqua Toys directly at 260-418-9167.  We will work out all your needs, pay the deposit, and we will be set-up waiting for your group at your scheduled adventure point of departure.  We then take about 10 minutes to cover safety briefing, paperwork, proper way to use equipment demo, safety equipment sizing, double check, give any needed advice/directions, and your off.

  • Insurance, Safety Needs, and Disclaimer

     Renters must be between the ages of 5 to 65, fill out individual waivers along with guardian signature, listen to a renters safety briefing, watch a 2.5 minute operational video, watch the instructor demonstrate proper operations, and will then be quizzed on all information and perform basis skills on the equipment they are riding before the rental can begin.  Our insurance requires us to stay in the area during the entire rental period.  Feel free to interact, ignore, use us as a tour guide, or just to have the peace of mind a certified Aquatic Director is there if needed.Any person deemed unfit operate rentals or appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to rent or ride at that time. Any damage to the Kayaks and Oasis will be charged the appropriate costs, while excess damage to the Mirage Eclipse will be charged the $1,000 deductible to cover parts, professional labor, and loss of income for having a board down. If people follow instructions this will never occur! The flippers that propel the Mirage Eclipse can be snapped off if slammed into rocks, limbs, and sand. You will be shown several times how to avoid these objects by simply keeping one foot pedal up and the other down.  Less than 1% should ever experience this, we have never had a problem.  South Haven Aqua Toys is not liable for any injury before, after, or during rental as a result from riding equipment or any harm incurred for any other reason during interactions with the company.  South Haven Aqua Toys is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. Everyone should remember to take precautions against sunburns and possible cramping of muscles by using sunscreen and hydrate often while enjoying any water activity.