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Mirage Eclipse Rental. Rent one of our new Mirage Eclipse boards and be the first in your state to have this exciting new experience. Not even the most luxurious resorts have these yet!

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We offer complete rentals of Mirage Eclipse, kayaks, and a 6 person floating oasis where you can escape the over packed beaches. All one needs to enjoy a day on Lake 
​Michigan, local lakes, or rivers.

Kayaks. Take your best friend on an adventure down Black River or a romantic getaway for 2. These are the perfect kayaks for beginners and experienced paddlers. The Perception kayak can even store a cooler.

South Haven Aqua Toys LLC was honored to be one of the first, extremely few, rental companies in the world to get the new Hobie Mirage Eclipse watercraft. Much easier than those unstable paddle boards and it is easy as walking, None of that hard paddling and you can cruise 5 times their speed and even into wind and waves!

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Based in South Haven, Michigan, we have easy access to Lake Michigan, beaches, lakes, and dozens of nearby rivers in the area. There are several places to stop and eat or hydrate along the Black River and throughout the area. Local camping, hiking, and bike trails offer a break from the plentiful shopping and festivals.

  • Three little birds3:00
  • Don't Worry, Be Happy 4:54
  • What I Got2:51
  • Jamming3:31
  • Callifornication5:21
  • 4:25
  • Is This Love3:51
  • 1994 - Lake Of Fire2:55

Eclipse Mirage

Whether you're 12 or 58, a day on these will make you feel like a kid. Spend a day with us, be the 1st in the world to ride this state-of-the-art watercraft, and enjoy memories for years to come.

South Haven Aqua Toys LLC



 South Haven Aqua Toys attended the annual Crooked Lake Music Fest in Angola, Indiana.  They showed their support for the fest and the fund raising for the local animal shelter by giving free demo rides to supporters.

Reservations are picking up, thank you for your support!

6 Person Floating Oasis. If you're looking for a more relaxing outing on a nearby lake, rent the Oasis for an afternoon with your loved ones. It not only works as a retreat from being trampled and kicked with sand, but a floating terminal to trade off the other watercraft with the family.

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