Mirage Eclipse Rental. Rent one of our new Mirage Eclipse boards and be the first in your state to have this exciting new experience. Not even the most luxurious resorts have these yet!

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Eclipse Mirage

Whether you're 5 or 68, a day on these will make you feel like a kid. Spend a day with us, be the 1st in the world to ride this state-of-the-art watercraft, and enjoy memories for years to come.

Still unsure? I will bet any 50+ year old, who has never ridden any water equipment, and can't swim can easily navigate the New HOBIE MIRAGE and run circles around any teenager who has never ridden on any paddle board who can swim, because it is difficult to stand on old paddle boards & they will not be having much fun constantly falling in, or the rental's free! Contestants will be chosen at random from complete strangers to ensure a fare challenge. If beaten we can put up your story & you can pay the low rental fee like everyone else.

We serve all of Southwest Michigan and farther if hired to like;

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27 years old can't even get on his outdated paddle board!


Incredible News

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​​​​​Hobie Mirage vs. Outdated Paddle board CHALLENGE!!!

 South Haven Aqua Toys attended the annual Crooked Lake Music Fest in Angola, Indiana.  We showed our support for the festival's fund raising for the local animal shelter by giving free demo rides to supporters.

Reservations are picking up, thank you for your support!

4 Person Floating Island Tube w/ anchor and several Wrapped single tubes to pull with kayaks, boats, or brave The Black River Float. If you're looking for a more relaxing outing on Lake Michigan, rent the Island Tube for an afternoon with your loved ones. It not only works as a retreat from being trampled and kicked with sand, but a floating terminal anchored off shore to trade off the other watercraft with family and friends. We also provide easy clips to add as many tubes or crafts as you wish.

     Based in South Haven, Michigan, we have easy access to Lake Michigan, beaches, lakes, and dozens of nearby rivers in the area. There are several places to stop and eat or hydrate along the Black River and throughout the area. Local camping, hiking, and bike trails offer a break from the plentiful shopping and festivals.

     We even offer all other local rental company's flyers and information so you can make the best decision for you and we only give positive feedback of their services. This lets you choose the best one to fit your needs.  When it comes to service we are hard to beat. We believe on a one on one experience, we work with low #'s and don't have one kid renting 5 different types of equipment to 60 people at a time. That's NOT SAFE & RUDE! 

     This is probably why the only other person you might hear talk up our equipment & services by the competition the owner of SoHa's son. While shooting our commercial, he road a NEW HOBIE MIRAGE ECLIPSE and said, "These are faster and easier than normal paddle boards!" SoHa's son, his friend, my daughter, and her cousin bonded quickly on south beach and all it took as one ride. I hope to get his father's permission so our kids can share a few commercial shots together. We have several other astonished paddle boarder's reactions from both beaches and on Black River. We let people renting the older, harder, less stable paddle boards try the Hobies free in order to get an honest comparison for the videos. If you're interested in the old fashioned paddle boarding SoHa is the way to go. I keep there flyers in our delivery vehicle and on my person at all times.

​     We guarantee our knowledgeable friendly staff will inform guests of every outdoor activity in the area even if it leads to loosing their business to hiking, fishing, golfing, or racing around on mopeds, scooters, or golf carts. YOU LOVING YOUR VACATION SHOULD BE SOUTH HAVEN'S SERVICE INDUSTRY'S #1 PRIORITY! We are volunteers; scout leaders, coaches for 4 local sports, and owner was a camp director for 12 summers, living in a tent, for the Boy Scouts of America teaching; high ropes, climbing, sailing, scuba, wilderness survival,... We do this to better our lives through bettering others. That is why most of what we do, we do for free or next to nothing.

This first time rider is over 3 times older than his competition, has extra weight, and still beat the other 24 experienced competitors.

91.5 years young and has no issues.

South Haven Aqua Toys LLC was honored to be the first rental company in the world to get the new Hobie Mirage Eclipse watercraft.Much easier than those unstable paddle boards and it is easy as walking, None of that hard paddling and you can cruise over 10 times their speed into the wind and waves!


SLOW DOWN! No Wake Zone you old geezer!

South Haven Aqua Toys LLC


Complete Service

We offer rentals of Mirage Eclipse, kayaks, and a multi-person tube where you can escape the over packed beaches. All one needs to enjoy a day on Lake 
​Michigan, local lakes, or rivers.

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paddle board kayak tube rental trips river lake adventures in South Haven and all of Southwest Michigan!

Kayaks. Take your best friend on an adventure down Black River or a romantic getaway for 2. These are the perfect kayaks for beginners and experienced paddlers. The Perception kayak can even store a cooler.